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, this is women, right? obama won by 11 points and they won single women, i think it was 36% that obama won. but this is from the growth and opportunity to report that was brought up. >> the autopsy -- >> right. this is their quote regarding women. republicans need to make a better effort at listening to female voters, directing their policy proposals what they learn from women and indicating they understand. clearly, they did not read that part of the report. >> gunmakers firing back at progun control politicians. that's after this. >>> two weeks ago on the show we discussed rick perry's effort to convince gun manufacturers to pack up and move to texas. so far no connecticut gunmakers have taken governor perry up on his offer, although one connecticut company did strike a deal with south carolina to move there. and now barrettausa is looking to expand its operations outside of maryland. being wooed by leaders from several states and flatly ruled out two of them this week. they would not expand in west virginia, because of senator joe manchin's push to expand background checks on gun purcha
john mccain and chuck schumer with, met with president obama to find a way to keep house republicans from ending bipartisan efforts at comprehensive reform. >> this is just what america wants us to do, work together in a bipartisan way to move forward. >> our message to our colleagues in the house is we are ready to negotiate, we are ready to talk, we are ready to sit down with you and negotiate and bring this issue to a conclusion. >> the raucous caucus is united in its opposition to the senate bill, folding the reform effort into the dreaded enchilada of government overreach and likening the upper chamber's immigration proposal to the republican conception of evil. case in point -- yesterday in a statement, speaker boehner around house leadership called the proposed immigration reform project from the senate an obama care-like bill. house republicans made clear that they don't trust the senate with immigration reform and that they don't trust president obama with, well, anything. yesterday congressman tim huelskamp tweeted this -- trusting obama is border security is like trusting
it and the way they've done it is through obstruction, not giving president obama the nominees he wants and so now we're down to one member on the national labor relations board that is supposed to have five appointies that are political, three democratic and two republican based on who's in the white house. but, of course, they won't give that to president obama. so the last person on the labor relations board, his term will end on august 1st just a few weeks away, and then what? do you really think between now and 2016 that the republicans are going to step to the plate and help president obama put together what fdr started 78 years ago? the answer is hell no. this is about attacking workers. this is about attacking minorities. this is about keeping the working folk down, concentrating the wealth. more corporate power, and a restrictive approach when it comes to growing our economy. now, with all of that, we have added 40 months of private sector job growth with no help from the republicans. we'll talk about that in the next segment but i want this country, every american, to understand that
to a different problem for the gop. latinos rapidly growing group had given president obama more than 70% of their votes. the urgency for the gop to change its tune seemed obvious. that was eight months ago. but since then a bipartisan bill has passed the senate that would basically achieve everything hannity said he wanted to achieve, $30 billion in border security, the border surge, a 1-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants with clean records with a series of fine and penalties. it passed the senate by a 68-342 vote late last month but now there's grave doubt anything like it or anything at all will make its way out of the republican-controlled house and why? the strategic thinking in the republican party seems to be changing. and who better to express that changing thinking than sean hannity. not only do i doubt that the current legislation will solve the immigration problem, he wrote recently, but it also won't help the gop in future elections. so hannity has evolved again, it would seem. just getting rid of the immigration issue is no longer the top of his agenda. thi
the problem better? chris christie or president obama? >> so i want teachers to have higher salaries, i want them to have more support, i want them to be trained like the professionals they are. >> we are at a cross roads in this country when it comes to asking ourselves the question and making a determination as to which direction we take? what do we think of public education? >> it's clear that the president's just not serious about cutting spending. >> a white house report shows that roughly 300,000 education jobs have been cut since 2009. 300,000? is that going forward or backward, you think? and right now, ground zero, you could say, is chicago. >> now we go to chicago, and the outrage being expressed there today over mayor rahm emanuel's plan to close dozens of that city's public schools. >> one 9-year-old student at a rally had no problem giving mayor rahm emanuel a piece of his mind. >> rahm emanuel thinks that we all are -- he thinks he can just come into our schools and [ inaudible ] we don't care about these kids, but they need safety! rahm emanuel is not caring about our schools.
of msnbc's "disrupt," karen finney. david carr, and former national press secretary for the obama campaign, ben la bolt. also joining us, "new york times" op-ed contributor beth murfitch. beth, to you first. were you actually in the gallery in texas when wendy davis did her 11-hour filibuster and wrote a really moving op-ed in the "new york times" about your mother's very difficult choice to have an abortion. one of the biggest take-aways from that piece was your urging women who have had to make this difficult choice to come out and talk about it. tell us more about why you think that's important at this moment. >> more women than we would like to know -- or than we think have had abortions. it is estimated 22% of pregnancies in the united states are terminated and that of the women that terminate, 61% of those women are already mothers. i think such shame permeates our discussion about abortion. and in fact that is so contradictory to how i feel about my mother's abortion. i am incredibly proud of her. at the age of 20 years old she had the wisdom and the courage to know that her own pot
. immigration reform was supposed to be the signature achievement of the first year of president obama's second term but did it die yesterday in the house? they say it's just a comprehensive approach that is a nonstarter. but the hot rhetoric they're using sounds an awful lot like an attempt to provide cover if nothing gets done. about an hour from now, the president and vice president will hold a private meeting with the architects of the senate immigration bill. after house republicans huddled for two hours wednesday with questioners lining up more than ten deep to hash out the path forward on immigration, the bottom line is clear. the senate bill backed by mccain, schumer and potential 2016 conservative prospect marco rubio is despised and dead on arrival in the house. >> house republicans want to do this on our term and not on the senate terms and not on the white house terms. >> it was not a well thought out approach in the senate. it's the reason the senate bill has little chance of ever being -- no chance of being considered here. >> i would not agree to citizenship because that is a rew
are boycotting obama care as the health care overhaul runs its course. >>> a live news broadcast starts off smooth and gets a little shaky. >> it's 5:30 a.m. friday july 1th. nice to be out there. [ noise ] >> never can trust a local news set. >> the story behind that boom straight ahead. "fox & friends" begins right now. watch out. >>> good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us bright and early. we start with a fox news alert. it's judgment day for george zimmerman. juniors will resume their deliberations at 9:00 a.m. this morning. deputies are bracing for another day of protests outside that courtroom. >> jonathan, good morning. >> reporter: three hours away before the jury resume deliberations at 9:00 this morning eastern time. the six women panel is being asked to consider whether george zimmerman was an over ze allows neighborhood watch captain. yesterday a small but vocal group of protesters gathered outside of the courthouse. about two dozen of those protesters calling for zimmerman's conviction. >> either guilty or not guilty we'll keep protesting because racial inequality still
with their chest pumped out. so proud of their congress. >> obama running out of pens to sign. >> hey, seriously -- somebody -- >> anyway with us on set, senior political editor and white house correspondent for the "the huffington post," sam stein. also pulitzer-prize winning columnist and associate editor of the "washington post" and msnbc political analyst eugene robinson. columnist for "bloomberg view" al hunt and economic policy reporter for "the new york times"p annie lowry who specializes in tweeting out pictures of -- >> a meat rock. a living rock you break it open and meat inside. it's really horrifying. >> it is cut open and it's -- it's gross and intestines all over the place and breeds with itself. in new york we've got -- i can't do -- even a segway for that, thomas roberts. >> we can talk about the sigh psi network sharkado, the next movie the meat rock. >> yeah. >> synergy, now it all makes ceps. >> it does. new york, washington, cats, dogs, coming together, beautiful thomas, it's beautiful. so speaking of new york, al hunt, this eliot spitzer guy, a new poll coming out, we're goi
the government clamps down on whistle blowers. msnbc is obama loyalists through and through cnn does whatever the government tells them to do. >> it's the a combination of things. the media has done a terrible job, making him out to be this horrible threat to national security. but at the same time, americans are so, you know, preoccupied with their video games and their movies and their pot and whatever it is. you think americans care? like we're so -- cenk: no i -- >> we're so distracted, come on, there isn't any political activism on any level. we had the occupy movement, that was years ago. no one cares and that's a big problem. cenk: i hear you and those all seem to be legitimate points, given that that is what is happening right here. in the 1970's, even in the middle of the vietnam war, we had a huge protest but everyone was complains at the time that everybody was com place september. the pentagon papers, it's not all of a sudden that everybody stopped smoking possibility and said oh, my god elseburg, it's the that the rest of the media flipped out and said look at the government lyin
this statement that unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> trusting barack obama is like trusting my daughter with bill, we just don't trust him. >> the house gop is now likely to advance individual elements of reform as separate bills. meal piece approach to stretch the process into the fall. speaking earlier in the day on wednesday, though, george w. bush broke his five-year silence to put his thumb on the scale for reform. >> i don't tend to get involved in the politics or the specifics of policy. but i do hope there is a positive resolution to the debate. and i hope during the debate that we keep a benevolent spirit in mind. and that we understand the contributions immigrants make to our country. >> president obama is also ramping up the political pressure on the house republicans, making the economic case for reform and enlisting business, evangelical leaders to lobby for it. >> if democrats and republicans, including president bush and i can agree on something, that's a pretty good place to start. now the house needs to act, so i can sign common sense immigr
, maybe, not in this way, not in the court of public opinion. not just sharpton, it is president obama, speaking up, saying if he had a son it would look like trayvon, so everyone watching pictures the president's son murdered. it is stuff like that, rhetoric like that that is not helpful to uniting this country. >> well, i am going to try to take the other side because i am going to give it a shot. it had been six weeks. there had been no arrest made. we did have a 17-year-old kid was killed, and whether or not that was manslaughter or second degree murder or in self defense, i think that's why there needed to be a trial, and if not al sharpton, who else? up to then nobody has. >> that's the sad part, what you said is correct, but there have to be better leaders. for hundreds of years whites had charletons as leaders, incredibly corrupt leaders, you know, now we're in this modern period where blacks have their leaders. they're entitled to have bad leaders, too, is what i am saying. but let's get better ones. >> greta, you're there, seeing the people. you've seen the groups get bigger
of texas. to politics now, and new today, president obama stepping up his push for comprehensive immigration reform. the senate passed its immigration bill two weeks ago and the president is pressuring the house to do the same. >> if democrats and republicans, including president bush and i can agree on something, that's a pretty good place to start. now the house needs to act so i can sign common sense immigration reform into law. >> the president was referring to former president george w. bush speaking earlier this week, highlighting the importance of immigration reform. also, president obama is praising janet napolitano for her work as secretary of homeland security. napolitano announced friday she'll be stepping down from the position in about six weeks to take over as president of the university of california system. meanwhile, former florida governor jeb bush and florida senator, marco rubio, will be speaking today at the annual maverick pac three-day conference in miami. the organization's goal is to engage young republicans in the political process. and in orlando, the n
for reform. 11:00 a.m., obama held a lengthy strategy session with the congressional black hispanic caucus. across town at 3:00 p.m., all 234 house republicans were scheduled to meet in a veritable immigration therapy session. but if you think it all points towards some hope for progress on the issue, you probably didn't see the headline on politico today. immigration reform heads for slow death. what's going on, you ask? republicans walked away from their 2012 debacle hellbent on fixing their problems with hispanics and now hellbent on making them worse. republicans on capitol hill predict comprehensive immigration reform will die a slow months' long death in the house. let's get right to it. joining us msnbc contributor steve schmitt and jim vandehei. isn't the rub of this the fact that we have hyper partisanship and so few republicans in the house are representing hispanics in their districts, consequently no accountability when they go home? >> that's a huge part of. this house republican conference is very conservative, they come from mostly rural districts, they have mostly white con
on to the science fiction part of the week. as fate would have it, two days later, president obama awarded george lucas the national medal of arts and humanities. while he didn't mention any future lunar ambitions in his speech, he did reflect on the legacy of "star wars." >> i remember when i first saw "star wars," there is a whole generation that thinks special effects always look like they do today. but it used to be you would see like the string on the little model spaceships. anyway, i'm being led astray. >> much like the moon bill in congress, lucas' original idea for "star wars" was met with skepticism at first. but he got it done with a mix of good storytelling and innovative special effects. so that got us thinking maybe the moon bill supporters should take those lessons and repackage their bill in a format more familiar to "star wars" fans in congress. and here's what that might look liken hansed with our own special effects. ♪ ♪ >>> well, that's just a taste. the entire bill would probably take another five minutes. >>> next up, a lesson that many in washington have learned the har
won the election for president obama. that's right, 96% of black women and three quarters of latinas voted for president obama. they are the source of the famous gender gap, making up for white women who actually voted for mitt romney by an eight-point margin. and it is those women, the women who are here today, at the essence festival who are needed to stop the radical conservative agenda and the all-out assault on women's bodies. but how do we translate our voting power into real change? the problem is politicians on both sides assume that women of color will vote for democrats, and the democrats simply take that for granted. and the republicans write them off as impossible to get. so republicans feel free to support policies that harm women of color and democrats don't feel enough pressure to stop them. take a look at the latest assault on women's health care. draconian restrictions on reproductive rights in texas, ohio, north carolina. the u.s. house of representatives that will disproportionately affect poor and minority women. what we need is a coalition, broad and strong, that
stems from continued efforts of republicans to block president obama's appointments. this has been going on for years now literally. reid wants to alter the dynamic requiring a simple majority to change senate rules as opposed to the 67 currently needed so that actually something could happen. and to filibuster on an executive branch nominee could be broken with 51 votes instead of the current 60 vote threshold so maybe hopefully joe something could happen, but instead, what we watch is these two guys droning on about how much they don't like each other. >> yeah. you know, harry reid may, in fact, be remembered as a subparma jorty leader presiding over some of the worst days in the history of the senate in modern history. he has been a shadow of what george mitchell was, what bob dole was, what tom daschle was. people even in our time have been. but, if, in fact, howard dean, he is remembered as a less than effective majority leader, it sure as hell won't be because he changed filibuster rules that actually helped things get done in the united states senate. >> it is a very interesting d
job growth in the private sector while president obama has been constantly vilified by conservatives about he doesn't know anything about the private sector or helping businesses out. the key here is that there has been no help, no coordination, no cooperation with republicans in any of this economic run to bring us out of what we were involved in. now, republicans have been busy. what are they doing? they're wasting america's time and money and focus by going after anti-abortion legislation and repealing obama care, which simply is not going to happen. but it's a hell of a headline if you're writing. there could be a lot more positive growth if congress would take their responsibility as seriously as they pick up their paychecks. for more let's turn to our panel, joy reid and dr. james peterson. great to have both of you here. what do these numbers mean? what do 40 months mean? >> if this were a normal recession, ed, what you would have had, that deep decline, 750,000 jobs. in a normal recession you would pump incredible amounts of federal money at that because what you have to do,
be considering a speedier exit. "the new york times" reports president obama is considering moving up the withdrawal and not leaving a residual force behind. in large part because he has grown frustrated afghan president hamid karzai. according to the paper the two leaders attempted a video conference last month to smooth things over, but it reportedly ended badly with the afghan president accusing the americans of trying to negotiate peace with the taliban and doing that without him. joe, president obama i think running out of patience with the situation there. >> you know, yes. and, of course, there's so much to be concerned about here. of course neocons will be concerned that we're going to leave no troops there. of course. i'm concerned, i know you are, all of us are concerned that it's taken now four years to get to this point. we're essentially where we were four years ago. joe biden was there four years ago. i don't know if people remember but, mark halperin, there was that scene in 2008 where joe biden went over, met in afghanistan, met with karzai, he was still a senator then
or capture," the war on terror and the soul of the obama presidency, author daniel cleedman writes bon viewing hitchins' video, attorney general eric holder was, quote, mesmerized and repulsed by what he saw. he went on to launch an inquiry into the united nations interrogation techniques. even though president obama had already banned waterboarding almost immediately after taking office in 2009. on tuesday, james comey, the nominee for fbi director, put a feign point on our country's evolution on waterboarding, during his testimony before the senate judiciary committee and specifically a question from senator leahy. >> do you agree that waterboarding is torture and is illegal? >> yes. >> that easy answer continues to allude us when it comes to the question of how we're currently treating the guantanamo bay detainees who have been on hunger strike since february. force feeding. doesn't sound quite as benign as waterboarding, but still, we're told by our government, necessary, compassionate, even. except, now we know, we got a good lack at exactly what constitutes force feeding, when ra
president obama be able to have the life that bill clinton now has had he gotten caught in the office with an intern and the reality is black males, the ultimate stereotype is the over sexed black male. that's birth of a nation, a lot of this glinching that happened was based on the idea they're over sexed and scary and intimidating and we have to worry about white women. i ask you if barack obama were caught with monica lewinski who is white, would he be enjoying the life that bill clinton enjoys and i don't think anyone can say yes. >> david, what's your thought here? we have other doors that could be open here. herman cain could be one. will he come back? john edwards, also seeing a resurgence in the political realm? >> i think it is not impossible. i think one thing we're learning is time needs to pass and i think we have had people resign and some kwaulg for them not to resign and wait it out. you do need to leave the stage for a little while and let the new cycle or several news cycles or years pass and maybe you can start to claw your way back. i think we can see it once again.
obama. publicly, he has come out and tried to sort of down play this. he said a little while ago, self days ago, he wasn't going to scramble jets to get a 29-year-old. behind the scenes, there's certainly a lot of maneuvering going, on trying to get edward snowden back. a lot of critics on capitol hill who questioned the hamming of this, who says this makes president obama and this administration look weak on the world stage. then the other side of it, the people who say edward snowden should not be criminalized. 128,000 people have taken to the white house website basically saying that edward snowden should be free. so this is a tough situation for the white house but no reaction yet. alex. >> kristin from the white house, thanks so much. >> thanks. >>> front page politics. new, wisconsin governor scott walker has signed a controversial new abortion bill that requires women seeking an abortion in the state to undergo an ultrasound before the procedure and in heubgts prors unless they have admitting privileges at a local hospital. opponents will sue to block that new law. >>> president
meeting, the award of the point of light, which is his tribute to volunteerism. president and mrs. obama will be welcoming a whole bush contingent, including thankfully president bush 41 well enough to travel, which is all good news. >> well, andrea, in talking to the former president 43 he referenced his dad today and said he is doing well. has difficulty walking but he is so pleased that he has recovered from that scare we had earlier in the year. there seems to be a bit of a bush resurgence of the moment when it comes to this more public life for the former president. we saw him in africa with president obama. he's been inching forward on interviews on matters of the day. while he's very clear he doesn't want to be in the politics, the first event that he held at his new library in dallas was an immigration related event. there's a day of conference going on and the very first thing was to naturalize 20 new american citizens. he's spoken in a way that was more personal about the value of immigrants and then touched on the political saying that the country's laws on this are broken and
at the moscow transit lounge. >> within the last few hours, obama and putin actually spoke by phone about edward snowden. we don't know what was said on that call and don't know what will happen to edward snowden. today we do know edward snowden is in russia working with some capacity with the approval, at least, of the russian government. the white house is not at all happy about it. joining me on the phone from rio de janeiro, glenn greenwald for "the guardian" newspaper and broke the edward snowden story in "the guardian." my first question to you is, why do you think after this holding pattern, long weeks where we didn't see edward snowden, why did today happen? >> the reason is because his ability to get to the countries where he's seeking asylum, and hopes to receive asylum, has been thwarted by the willingness of the united states government physically to block him from being able to get there. they revoked his passport which prevents him from traveling. they've signaled to the world that they will physically impede an airplane which they did with the jet carrying the bolivian president t
would be very different, frankly, if, and we wouldn't have a president obama and congress would look very differently without the black and latino vote. i just wonder, does democratic party realize that as well. we focus politically a lot on republicans but this is a moment for democrats and other parts of the progressive moment. this is not just a black/white issue anymore. >> no. this has always been an issue at the core of our democracy itself. this voting rights act was really put in place to help us get closer to making, being one nation under god with liberty and justice for all, our situation rather than our aspiration. we all have an interest in that. there are some folks in the party who i've heard talking about, we can use it as a wedge issue. no. all of us should be saying, we're going to get this done before it can become a wedge issue. this is a time to step up. be disciplined as citizens in saying, we are going to ensure that all of our citizens' right to vote is protected in the most basic way. >> you know, ben, i want you to tell us about the convention itself. i woul
, the united states did not see president obama from the podium talking about this. the statement was on paper. the state department has put the spokeswomen out. that's about it. i think the united states is trying to wait and see what this means. because right now, there are entirely many more questions than answers about what this means. there's no question that egypt plays a pivotal role in stability. putting them together is where the united states figures out what it can do and should do. it's remaining largely quiet. >> one of the things that's been striking about the protests to me is the number of women you have seen in tahrir square. but the members of morsi's cabinet, there were only two women. when the general announced the new plan, only one of 14 who flanked him was a woman. there are awful stories we continue to hear about rapes at these protests. what is life like for women in egypt and what does the future look like for women in e jigypt? >> women have been almost invisible. they have spoken out about that, women activists, civil society leaders. they have been talking about th
to have to look for mere and maybe a key the obama administration of what cards they're playing here will be what they do with this $1.3 billion aid they give to egypt. obviously this is something the u.s. government if a coup happens and the military takes ov over, a legitimate government, the u.s. isn't supposed to be giving aid anymore. so how active is the u.s. in making thure that that aid doesn't get to the country obviously the way around that is if egypt proceeds with a legitimate election process, the aid can be reinstalled. that will be a key moment. >> steve, i did cut you off. if you want to take a crack at answering that, the perception the white house was involved or not involved. what's your assessment there? >> clearly they're involved and with the military. that's the main relationship we had even before mubarak fell and they have a close working relationship and remains involved and is going to remain involved. probably the one bright side we can see going forward we still have that relationship. >> okay. steve thelma, lauren fox, thank you so much. we have breaking
's what the american people wa want. they don't want a comprehensive bill like with obama care passed in the middle of the night. they what they want is regular order pieces of legislation. >> this afternoon rick perry is expected to unveiled exiling future plans. he could announce a run for a fourth term as governor or a bid for the presidency in 2016. >>> and anthony weiner's wife has failed to respond on her finances. she had a part-time job while serving as a top aid to hillary clinton. >>> and that's going to do it for your morning dish of scrambled politics. the heat wave continues in northeast. temperatures reached 105 with all of that humidity in some cities over the weekend. but the kids definitely have the right idea. >> water was the key. water or stay in the frozen food aisle. >> with your head in the freezer. you were listening to me. good morning, everyone. we're waking up to a tropical storm, the third named storm of the season. it it could be somewhere off the east coast five days from now. it's well out in the atlantic now but it's moving fast. it will be moving towar
to double check but i'm pretty sure i can say safely it has doubled under president obama and nobody knows it. there you go. media. >> what's wrong with the media? >> bill: dylan joins our team this morning with peter ogborn and dan henning. >> hey, hey, hey. >> good morning. >> bill: alichia cruz has the phones covered and monty on thed for good video cam for current tv. so, i don't know whether you've heard, dylan, the mayor of san diego, bob filner elected less than a year ago in pretty serious trouble out there. several women who work in this office have accused him of sexual harassment. yesterday, he put out a video saying i'm guilty. i need help and i'm already getting some professional advice. here's filner. >> i have begun to work with professionals to make changes in my behavior and approach. in addition, my staff and i will participate in sexual harassment training provided by the city. >> bill: one of his leading supporters, a woman member of the city council yesterday on the steps of -- i called a friend of mine in san diego just as this was happening. she had a news conference
not be in the best interests of the united states. nbc's first read today noted that we should expect obama administration to take a more hands-on approach to what happened in egypt than it did two and a half years ago. when mubarak was ousted. but how much influence does the u.s. really have? howard fineman "huffington post" and msnbc political analyst. joel ruben is former egypt desk officer at the state department. mr. ruben, you're the perfect person to ask about this coup question and significance of the lack of funding if all of a sudden it gets cut. how should this play itself out? >> well, michael, right now there's still chaos on the streets in cairo. there's blood on the streets, quite literally, and what we need to make sure is that this powder keg doesn't have a match lit to it and we need to not wade into a situation where cutting aid precipitously right now is that match. so there is an assessment under way. we have a chance, now, to engage the egyptians across the whole swath of political actors there and really push for where the revolution went 30 minutes ago which was to t
in vermont, they are saying aid to egypt should be suspended. the obama administration is saying they are reviewing it but have not yet talked about whether aid to egypt should be suspended temporarily while they wait for democracy to return. we'll take a break. still to come, my first reads in the world of pom particulars, including fight over filibuster, could be about to explode in the senate. of course we'll have more on the george zimmerman trial as we wait for the jury to enter the courtroom as we wait for testimony to get under way. politics planner, the president has a bunch of internal meetings today. scott walker, a 2016er to watch, he's going to be in indiana headlining a fundraiser there. you're watching "the daily rundown" on msnbc. i'm jennifer hudson. i hate getting up in the morning. i love cheese. i love bread. i'm human! and the new weight watchers 360 program lets me be. the reason i'm still in this body feelin' so good isn't because i never go out and enjoy the extra large, extra cheese world we live in. it's because i do. and you can too, with the weight watc
twice by clinton, by al gore and twice by obama, how did he get elected with 60% of the vote? because he had an optimistic pro-growth message that is not the typical republican message, and he talks about it endlessly in every community in this district. if you're an auto worker or jane so, if you're latino family, if you're an african-american in the excerpts of milwaukee, he's making the pitch to you. he's got the message better developed than the party does writ large. but i agree with a lot of what mike says goodbye one difference would be is that if we had candidates with courage who stood up and said, here's my message, and it's an optimistic one and it will grow our party. i have yet to meet to me republicans whose attitude is i want fewer people in the republican party with fewer victories. you've got to trust your guy. you cannot trust a guy who thought ronald reagan was too liberal in 1984 and support someone else for president, but most republicans like this and it's just find the right, it's like been. jack kemp was this kind of republican. the kind of republicans who are bro
'm optimistic about them. obama, and i don't praise him too much, but i give him full credit for education. he's done some powerful things. >> i will tell you what. i happen to know around here if you start talking about collective responsibility for one another's kids you get in big trouble. thank you. thank you. buddy is going to hang out a little bit longer. >>> up next, after a deadly holiday weekend, how do we -- seriously, how do we stop the gun violence ravaging chicago, new orleans, and so many of our cities? we're going to be right back with more from the essence festival. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ lovely read susan. may i read something? yes, please. of course. a rich, never bitter taste cup after cup. 340 grams. [ sighs ] [ male announcer ] always rich, never bitter. gevalia. >>> in chicago, the sound of fourth of july fireworks had to compete with the sound of gunfire. in the city before the
. obama hasn't been as comfortable as his vice president has in these roles, but in feeling things that we're all feeling, and in combining humor and humanity, this vice president has been stellar. >> he gives articulation to -- articulation to what people are feeling so when he talks about the iraqi veteran and, you know, the everyday guy, out there and connects it to these 19 men the way he did, people are like, yeah, you know, that's my dad, that was my uncle. he personalizes it in a unique way that we haven't seen a lot of others do. >> president obama has been great at times like after newtown, he's had some great moments, but nobody throws his arm around the country the way vice president biden does. >> you know, be i -- i love politicians who love people and whose, as you say, michael, not only personalized but it was so personal to joe biden, he talked about his own family. >> right. >> i yearn for that kind of politics. people in politics, that's what -- in its best that's what politics at its retail level is all about. >> you know, nearly every weekend, he goes back home to wilmi
be heard in 2008, president obama won the state in beenouth, and who have fighting this very aggressive, far right wing attack on rights in the state that have come to a head over the last couple of years. they have been visible and inspiring in showing what we can do when we come together, one for all and all for one. at the same time, we've seen big victories on voting rights in states just north. some of them below the mason- dixon line. a couple of weeks ago, governor bob mcdonnell took the last of the jim crow voter suppression, the lifetime ban of formerly incarcerated people voting. [applause] do what we may not have done today, clap for a republican. -- reality is that it will they were extremely courageous. i bagged cain to do the exact same thing when he was on his way to be the governor of the dnc. this franchise reinvention eyes 200,000 virginia voters -- these are working people likely to be democratic voters. he is a civil rights voter edits and easy argument. he argued some principles that i couldn't even recognize. earlye go to mcdonald's in his tenure and he says i beli
is happening is that president obama's foreign policy in that region, which he enunciated in 2009 in the same city of cairo is now running up against reality in cairo. and his support for democratic ideals as he spoke of them in 2009 are being tested on the streets right now. talking to white house -- one white house official, they're not going any farther than they went today for now. carney, jay carney's statement was as far as they're going to go at this point. >> joel, i see that some protests there see america as being too close to the muslim brotherhood. >> well, it's an irony of sorts, michael, because the united states is going to be blamed, regardless, frankly, of the situation. and we have to get used to that. context matters here. we have to remember that nearly 22 million egyptians, more than a quarter of their population signed a petition for mohamed morsi to leave power. and the military stepped in. now, it's not to condone what the military did, but they saw an internal situation devolving quickly, and they made a decision. we don't have control over that. and our role in this
everything report bd the big obama scandal was wrong, and no one has been held to account." that's the kind of thing i've been saying for months. i was thrilled. i thought wow, i can't wait to read this because i've said that right here on this program from the start, the washington media has done a terrible job covering the scandal that never was a scandal. in fact, here are my very first words, the first words i said about the irs non-scandal. >> if you've been anywhere near a news source today, you know that tonight the internal revenue service is officially out of control and that all of washington is scandalized by the out-of-control irs. but no one in washington seems to understand that the irs has been out of control on the matter in question since 1959, when republican dwight eisenhower was president. it was in 1959 that the irs decided to change the meaning of the english language in a very important way, and that change was created -- created what was being called a scandal in washington today but is really just the irs doing its job. >> i said repeatedly that the fake irs scandal
to give everybody an idea of how high those numbers are, president obama's current job approval rating stands at 48% approval. 47% disapproval. according to the latest nbc news/wall street journal poll from june of 2013. so michael steele, based on that data, maybe we should not be surprised based in the last decade or so there have been any number of political resurrections after political escapades that involved sex. >> i think that's true. it begs the question, the classic religious questions is it faith or good works that gets you in to heaven, or it is faith that the voters have 234 you or the good works that you do that keep you in their good stead. i would say that if you look at the economy, what the president was pursuing, welfare reform and other agenda items while this was going on, people latched on to that. people had greater faith in that, in his ability to get it done, to do the good work. and that helped push those numbers up. when bill clinton came out of the gates, michael, you know, belligerent, you know, wagging his finger and pushing back against the voters, that's
. tuesday, president obama spoke to leaders of the uae and qatar with backed the morsi government. both conversations focused on opposing violence and supporting an inclusive political process. there's been some news this morning of an update on president morsi that he is safe but it doesn't say whether he is out of custody. >> reporter: we know very little about that, chuck. we know there are reports that the foreign minister said former president mohamed morsi is not being charged with any crimes, that he's just being kept away at the moment. that being said, the pro-morsi supporters want him released. they want him reinstated as what they call the rightful leader of egypt. after he's reinstated, they'll be willing to talk to the opposition coalition who have, as you mentioned, gone on to form their cabinet. they're starting to form one at the moment. they announce a new interim prime minister. that was hazam el beblawi. they also appointed mohamed elbaradei who we know as the former nuclear negotiation chief for the iaea, as a vice president for foreign relations, hoping that his pop
where members of the house gop conference said this bill reeks of obama care. it was done behind closed doors. that's a really hard thing for marco rubio to overcome in a gop primary. >> he's 1 of 13 senators that voted for it. that's not half but it is a significant number. >> chr . >>> we are waiting closing arguments shortly in the george zimmerman trial. more live coverage right after this. saving and spending. all in one well-organized place. for seeing the small details and the big picture, so you can do more with your money. for finding out how pnc virtual wallet® can help you, go to pnc bank. for the achiever in you®. thto fight chronic. osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of su
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